Welcome to the ITF2014!

On behalf of the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the 2014 International Trombone Festival. This 43rd annual event provides us with the opportunity to come together and share our common passions for the trombone in all types of musical environments. Whether your interests lie with performing, teaching, or in the technical advances of our instrument, this year's festival is sure to present concerts, classes, exhibits, and scholarly presentations that will serve to inspire all in attendance.

The Eastman School of Music hosted the International Trombone Workshop in 1991. In addition to the beautiful 2320 seat Kodak Hall (formerly Eastman Theatre) and the elegant 443 seat Kilbourn Hall, Eastman has recently added the new 220 seat state-of the art Hatch Recital Hall, providing us with three acoustically and esthetically pleasing spaces in which to enjoy concerts and other presentations.

An event like this one does not take place without the help of many people. Very special thanks go to the Director of the ITF Jon Bohls, and his staff of Chris Dobbins and Noel Wallace for their tireless efforts and guidance as we settle into this year's event. We also extend our thanks to the boards of the ITF and ITA as we all work together to bring you the very best festival possible. Finally we wish to thank all of you for attending this international event and celebrating the common love we have for our favorite instrument.

The Eastman School of Music is proud to host this 43rd International Trombone Festival. We know your visit to Rochester will be marked by world-class, inspiring musical events that will give you food for thought until next year's festival. Safe travels!

John Marcellus and Mark Kellogg
ITF Co-Hosts